Water Leaks & Plumbing

If you have a water leak within your unit, please see the below steps to isolate the water to your unit only:


Hot Water

To turn the hot water off – see below for instructions on turning hot water off;

As per the photos on the right:

  1. Go to the service cupboard

  2. Locate the lever for your unit.

  3. Pull the locking ring out and whilst holding the locking ring out turn the quarter turn tap, laterally for 90 degrees and hot water will be off to your unit.



Cold Water

To turn the cold water off - Locate the hatch (a square panel 300x300mm) within your unit; this may be located in any of the below locations:

  • Ceiling in your bathroom or ensuite;

  • Ceiling or wall in your laundry or linen cupboard;

  • Wall in the kitchen

  1. Undo the hatch and remove the flat panel piece;

  2. With a torch locate the cold-water tap, which could be a conventional tap or a quarter turn lever and turn it off accordingly.


If for any reason you try the above steps and you are unable to turn off your water, you will need to contact a plumber to assist you or check your General Tenancy Agreement for your Managing Agents preferred Plumber, for emergencies only.

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