Trade's Carparking

Information & Conditions

We have received a booking for Trade Parking at Cathedral Place, on your behalf.

Please see the following Terms & Conditions for the booking;

  • Car spaces are only available for a maximum four (4) hours.

  • Vehicle height clearance is 2.1m only, if your vehicle is over this height, parking is not available at Cathedral Place.

  • Bookings are essential and must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

  • If a booking is not made the vehicle may be towed.

  • ALL VEHICLES are to display on the dash, the unit number and the contact number of the person onsite.

  • ALL VEHICLES ARE TO BE REVERSE PARKED INTO THE CAR SPACES to comply with workplace health and safety requirements.


The trades person's car spaces are situated on the left-hand side, before entering the resident’s car park (roller doors), if you are unsure or require clarification please contact our office for instructions.

Below is a map of the complex indicating the driveway entrance and trades parking entrance.