Pool, Spa, Gym & Sauna Opening Update

Under the Queensland Government's new Industry COVID-Safe Plans, recreational facilities can only be open if, amount other things, the personal details of all users are recorded and kept for 56 days.

Although the plan appears to have been written for commercial facilities where users are in a supervised environment, it does not explicitly exclude strata facilities from this obligation. Strata industry bodies are seeking clarification from the government but until the question of compliance is answered Cathedral Place could be subject to significant fines for non-compliance.

Although an unsupervised honour system may be an option for strata communities, such a system has inherent weaknesses; for example, the willingness of users to leave their personal details and information in an open register.

The onus of responsibility to ensure the system captures all users remains on the body corporate and to simply assume unsupervised users are complying with all the obligations of the COVID-Safe plan may not be prudent.

Consequently, until the government clarifies the obligations on strata communities these facilities must remain closed.

On behalf of Cathedral Place Community Body Corporate