Cathedral Place Caretaking Update

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Spa & Pool Update

We are pleased to announce that the Spa is now open! The Spa was recently opened, with a minor set back of the heater not functioning. This has now been rectified and the Spa is warm and ready to use.

Please remember you must scan in using the QR code, via Check in QLD to use the Pool or Spa facilities.


Gym & Sauna Update

Our office has been receiving numerous emails and calls in regard to the gym and sauna still not being opened. We are unable to assist with enquiries relating to the gym and sauna as these facilities are not under control of the Community Body Corporate or Plan B QLD / Cathedral Place Caretaking.

Any questions you have relating to the gym and sauna, please email Archers Body Corporate Management -


Annual Pest Control

It is almost that time of year again...

Our Annual Pest Control to buildings, A, B, C, D, E, G & H is fast approaching, and will be commencing from 2 August 2021. All units scheduled to be treated will be informed of the date your units pest control is to be completed, in the coming weeks.

Access to your unit will be required twice, the initial treatment will occur, including treatments for german cockroaches and then two (2) weeks later for the follow up treatment for the German cockroaches.

Now would be a great time to ensure your unit is on the master key system so that uninterrupted access will be available on the day, if you are not home.


Access Control System

As some of you may be aware, the new access control system is currently underway for replacement. The access control system has been failing in recent times due to its age and due to the lack of availability of replacement parts, the system has had to be replaced.

Once the access control system upgrade has been completed, the new system will permit the use of new encrypted swipes, meaning that the new system will also uphold residents of Cathedral Places' security, and anyone holding copied or cloned swipes will not be able to use there illegal swipes.



Our office is continuing to follow up with guttering issues and some top floor, units that have reported leaks from the roof replacements.

If you are in a top floor unit only, and have any signs of water leaks please advise our office within the next seven (7) days via email - Please include photos, and details of when the leak started occurring and if this is still continuing in wet weather.


Fire Alarm

All residents were alerted on Monday morning at approximately 4:30am and again at 5:00am, by the fire alarm being activated. Whilst there wasn't a fire, the alarm was triggered by a drop in the pressure to the fire sprinkler system, this is believed to be caused by someone using a fire hose reel.

It is illegal to take water from a fire fighting hydrant or fire hose reel, unless it is taken for fire fighting purposes. This applies to both public and privately owned fire hose hydrant / reels. Unauthorised usage of any fire hydrants / reels attract fines up to a maximum penalty of $110,000.


Registered for Cathedral Place updates?

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To be notified of updates please click the link below to update details or register.