General Information


No Bicycles are permitted inside the complex or individual buildings.  They must be placed in the allocated bicycle racks in Basement Two.

Body Corporate Structure

Each Building within the a separate Body Corporate.  There are 7 separate Body Corporates for the complex.

  • A Block - Notre Dame

  • B & C Blocks - Oxford & Cambridge

  • D & E Blocks - Cantebury & Westminster

  • F Block - Duhig

  • G & H Blocks - Kensington & Sandringham

  • Community Body Corporate (CBC)

  • CVBC Cathedral Village Body Corporate (shops)


CPM Cathedral Place Management* | On site Rental Office

Various other Real Estate Agents | Other private rentals

*Please note CPM are solely a rental office and are not complex management (see caretaking below).


Whilst there is only one Onsite Rental office each of the Body Corporates can appoint any Caretaker of their choice.

The Caretaker for each of the Body Corporates are as follows:

Plan B Qld (thats us)

  • A Block

  • B & C Block

  • D & E Block

  • G & H Block

  • CBC (Community Body Corporate)

Greenfleece Pty Ltd

  • F Block

Bernadette Ellis

  • Cathedral Village (Retail)


All rubbish must be in enclosed bags and must not be larger than the notice on the refuse chute. 

Refuse Chute is strictly for everyday household waste only.

Items prohibited in refuse chute

industrial waste, renovation waste, chemical waste, liquid, glass, electronics/electrics, boxes/cardboard, coat hangers and loose rubbish.

These items are strictly prohibited in refuse chutes.

Recyclable Items

Recyclable items such as glass bottles, cardboards, containers and newspapers can be disposed of in the bins with Yellow Lids.  Please check the side of these bins for a full list of recyclable items.


No excessive noise is permitted at Cathedral Place at any time as per the By-Law, below;

Cathedral Place By-Laws Section 6 Noise

(a) A Proprietor of a lot, their guests, servants or agents shall not make or permit any noise likely to interfere in any way with the peaceful enjoyment of other proprietors of lots or any person lawfully using the common property. In particular, no proprietor of a lot shall hold or permit to be held any social gathering in his lot which would cause any noise which unlawfully interferes with the peace and quietness of any other proprietor of a lot, at any time of day or night and in particular shall comply in all respects with the Noise Abatement Act 1979, as amended.

(b) In the event of any unavoidable noise in a lot at any time the proprietors thereof shall take all practical means to minimize annoyance to other proprietors of lots by closing all doors, windows and curtains of his lot and such further steps as may be within his power for the same purpose and shall cease the activity creating a noise or nuisance upon the request of the Body Corporate through its representative.

(c) Guests leaving after 11.00pm shall be requested by their hosts to leave quietly. Quietness also shall be observed when a proprietor of a lot returns to the dwelling late at night or early morning hours. 

Caretaking staff and security guards are on duty 24/7 within the complex.  Should they hear any noise or receive any complaints, in regards to noise, they will attend and request you to cease the noise immediately.  Failure to comply will result in Queensland Police Services being called, and breach notices issued by the body corporate.

If you need to make a noise complaint, please call 07 3062 8338 anytime.

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