If you lose electricity to your unit, please see the below steps:


  • Have you paid your bills?

  • Have you plugged a new appliance, or an existing appliance tripped your safety switch?

    1. If yes, unplug the appliance and all appliances, including the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer etc.

    2. Go to your switch board within your unit – this could be in the:

      • Kitchen overhead cupboard

      • Linen cupboard

      • Laundry overhead cupboard

      • Wardrobe in the bedroom (s)

  • Check that the safety switch has turned off; if yes

  • Reset the safety switch – now electricity will be back on


  • If the safety switch does not allow you to switch it back on, there is still an appliance plugged in and in use somewhere that may be causing the safety switch to trip the electricity.

  • If for any reason you try the above steps and the electricity does not come back on, please refer to your General Tenancy Agreement for your Managing Agents preferred Electrician for emergencies only.